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Danjoo Koorliny Bunuru Social Impact Festival 2024

CLIENT | Danjoo Koorliny

ROLE |  Event Management  @danjookoorliny

Danjoo Koorliny Bunuru Social Impact Festival 2024 was a celebratory program designed by Danjoo Koorliny, with events executed throughout March. Our client, Danjoo Koorliny, stands for a large-scale, long-term, systems-change movement designed and led by Aboriginal people to help us all walk together towards 2029 (200 years of colonisation in Perth), and beyond. The Bunuru Festival celebrated Survival, Resilience and Strength through Culture, with a spectacular launch event held at Government House on March 2nd.

The month-long celebration delivered a diverse program including a Social Impact Summit at Kings Park on 13th March, Dinja Mereny – Dinner Under the Stars at Government House on 14th March, concluding with the luminous Meeka Moorat (Full Moon Ceremony and Meet the Maker markets) on 25th March.

Thousands of guests attended the Summit and Meeka Moorat events, with 300 guests taking part in an unmissable culinary adventure at Dinja Mereny Gala. ATELIER – House of Events were responsible for all event styling and design, Production management including technical and stage management and event and site management. Furthermore, our team engaged and managed vendors, onsite staff recruitment and all permit and approval management.

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